What Our Customers Are Saying

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Scott Conroy is kind, professional, and extremely skilled and knowledgeable as a music instructor and professional musician.  My 10-year-old son has weekly piano lessons with Scott and he loves every minute.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to study with Scott at SLO Music Lessons.

Amy Stoll

Scott has personality, charm, wit, and intelligence. He is a fun experience. Highly recommended.

Bert Nevins

Scott is the best!  I was worried about starting to learn violin at age 30, but Scott has been a wonderful teacher.

As someone who has been wanting to learn for a long time but was too intimidated to start, I can confidently say that I am SO GLAD that I started lessons.  Progress has been slow and steady, and I very much appreciate Scott’s kindness, patience, and enthusiasm.

Highly recommend!!

Sam Poremba

I’m an older guy who just picked up the ukulele.  My wife bought me lessons at SLO Music for my sixtieth birthday.

So worth my time. Scott is patient and knowledgeable and he was able to show me things I would never have learned just by finding random lessons online.  Highly recommend.

Sean McElhiney

Two of us met with Scott Conroy every week, first for violin lessons, then for mandolin lessons.  We had a lot of learning to do!  Scott made it easy to absorb new material, choosing custom lessons for us and allowing time for what we needed most.

He was honest, flexible, good at communicating.  We maximized the learning while laughing quite a bit, too.  He is a great person and a really good teacher.

Leslie Thompson

Awesome teacher !!!

I’m doing guitar and he’s been a big help !!

Andrew Pulido

I have been taking guitar lessons from Scott Conroy for the last few years and he is a great teacher.  He is very positive and patient when explaining concepts and wants to make sure you get it.

I HIGHLY recommend him for all ages, instruments, and skill levels!!

Anthony Harris

Scott has shown my kids how fun music can be.

My son looks forward to his lessons and loves the excitement and passion that Scott demonstrates at every lesson.

My daughter and I can’t wait until she starts her banjo lessons with Scott.

Kara Dostal

Scott is an amazing music instructor!  He really personalizes sessions and has been really fun to work with.  He is extremely knowledgeable of music theory and does a good job of incorporating it into his lessons.

He is definitely the guy to go to if you’re looking to pick up a new instrument or to improve on one you’re already playing. ☺️

Amy Gaffney

Scott is an accomplished musician and extraordinary teacher.  He delights in sharing his expertise; and his efforts to help individual students achieve, and exceed, their goals are impressive.

I never imagined that I could learn to arrange and play my own breaks.  SLO Music Lessons has been a wild and wonderful ride!

Many thanks, Scott.

Mark Danks

Scott is not only a qualified musician, but also a quality teacher.  Often times, learning an instrument can feel like a grind but he makes it feel less like work and more like jamming with a friend.

I’m extremely satisfied with the lessons and I can tell I’m improving every day!

Jack Fish

I started taking beginner guitar lessons about 4 months ago and I can’t speak highly enough about my experience learning with Scott as my teacher.  From the beginning, he took the time to learn about my goals and tailors each lesson and challenge based on my progress.

He throws in just the right amount of theory and nuance to the music to keep it engaging, exciting, and never boring to practice.

His passion for teaching and his always upbeat, enthusiastic energy leaves me looking forward to every lesson!

Rishi Unjia

Scott has been an incredible teacher and guide through learning guitar. He’s very adaptable and engaging with any material we cover, as well as keeping it fresh and fun. He really breaks down and helps you get a solid foundation with each lesson, leaving you with plenty to cover and practice. He’s very understanding in terms of scheduling, and can be flexible which is so helpful.

Definite recommend!

Corbin H.F.

Scott is a warm, encouraging, and fun teacher.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with him.  His knowledge of music is deep, but he delivers his content in a relaxed and understandable way.  He integrates music theory with each lesson, in nice bite-sized pieces.  I have come away with plenty to work on, but not feeling overwhelmed.

His lesson space is very pleasant.  There is outside space in the shade in a breezy and “covid-safe” environment.  He’s a talented musician and busy performer, with much to contribute to beginner, intermediate or advanced student.

Highly recommended!

Karen Worcester

Scott Conroy is a fabulous human and music teacher!  My twelve year old daughter, Joselyn, has taken ukulele, mandolin and now guitar lessons with him.  Scott has been instrumental (no pun intended 🤣) in her understanding of music theory which has greatly advanced her overall skill level and enjoyment of music.

Scott’s teaching is the perfect blend of keeping it fun while encouraging Joselyn to stretch herself in new ways.  We are extremely picky about our music teachers… We HIGHLY recommend Scott Conroy!!!

Lara Day

Scott Conroy is working with our 15 year-old son, who plays multiple instruments and composes music.  And we couldn’t be happier with how their collaboration is going.

Scott is a great instructor and mentor.  His passion for his craft , his knowledge and skill as a teacher, his curiosity about all things music, and his easy going personality are making for a great learning experience for our teen.

A++. Highly recommended

Ron Pippin

Scott is a great Teacher, mixing theory and practical lessons together in a fun and engaging way!

Oliver Meigs

Scott is a super music teacher!  I was looking to add to my songwriting skills by learning some new techniques on guitar and Scott always had something new prepared to show me and he kept it fun.

I had a great experience.

Amie Richie

Scott has helped me immensely in advanced music theory.  His professional, yet friendly demeanor makes it easy to learn complex topics.  I began lessons as an amateur pianist and now feel confident on the keys for any scenario.  His rate is very fair for the depth of knowledge that he provides.

I highly recommend stopping by his welcoming studio to enhance your playing, no matter what stage you’re at!

Anthony Gangi

Not much to say other than Scott is excellent.  I never took music lessons before, and at the age of 58, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I didn’t have a clue.

Patient and taking me through practices one step at a time, I couldn’t be happier learning to play violin/fiddle.

I’d write more accolades about Scott but I want to go practice .

Paavo Ogren

Scott Conroy is absolutely amazing.  I have been working with him for a couple months and I have loved every session.  He caters every lesson to you and is so knowledgeable about music that he can teach you about anything you need to know.

He is kind, passionate, and excited, everything you want in a music teacher.  Nothing bad to say, great music lessons for a great price as well!

Kai Canada

Scott is an amazing music teacher!

I took guitar lessons from him and he is very good at balancing fun with learning and is a great guy!

Greyson Lyon

We have been doing ukulele lessons for my 4 year old with Scott for a few months now.  His patience is amazing!

He’s extremely perceptive to what’s working and what’s not and flexible when he needs to be.  Teaching a four year old an instrument is a special talent!

Thanks Scott for all your work!

Jennifer R.

Love, love, love the way Scott interacts with kids; he’s a total natural!

They learn and have fun at the same time. He inspires them to want to play!

Paula Horvath

Scott has been a wonderful, kind, and patient teacher for my son and his friends. They formed a little bluegrass band and Scott has, seemingly effortlessly, taught each one of them a different instrument and helped them to play together.

His sweet spirit and gentle good humor create a safe and joyful environment in which to learn and grow. As a group of parents, we have been impressed by his talent and professionalism and amazed by his finesse in working with a very energetic group of young boys.

Anne Osbaldeston

Scott is an amazingly talented and personable music teacher, which is why I love SLO Music Lessons!  He gives his students his complete attention when he teaches them. You can tell that he truly wants them to succeed and believes they can, which is important in a teacher!  His energy and enthusiasm are catching, and he is fun and easygoing while still being encouraging and disciplined. He has dedicated years to learning multiple instruments and knows his music theory inside-out, backwards, and forwards.

Despite his incredible level of expertise, he stays humble and is always seeking to improve his own skills also.  If you are looking for an expert music teacher who will sufficiently scaffold you in the learning process as you learn an instrument, you want Scott from SLO Music Lessons to be your teacher!

Ogo Agbo

Scott is not only a great teacher, he is also a great player & has endless patience.  I’m currently taking mandolin lessons, but I play guitar & may start working on the fiddle soon & he plays them all well.

It’s also cool to see your teacher out playing in local venues.  Highly recommended.

Kevin Beauchamp

At the beginning of the summer, I decided to take guitar lessons from Scott to help me progress in my guitar playing abilities.  Scott was patient, kind, and overall very personable.  He has amazing understanding and mastery of the guitar.

He let me guide the lessons as I found areas I was interested in exploring, but also took the wheel if I didn’t know where to steer our lesson direction.  It was a relaxing yet engaging environment to learn in.

I had a great time and it was the highlight of my work week going learn from him.

Evan H.

Scott knows his craft inside-out…a true music guru!  Better yet, he understands the finer points of teaching – an art form in itself.

He’s not so much interested in presenting to you a fish on a platter…more, he desires to teach you the nitty-gritty of actually catching the fish for yourself!  This is good news for those who desire musical freedom…thanks Scott!

Loving our banjo time together – the journey continues!

Bob Savage

Our kids love learning from Scott! He is kind, patient, and multi-talented!  We love that he can jump from one instrument to another and knows how to make learning fun.  He is truly invested in the kids and their musical journey.

If you are seeking a caring, charismatic, and knowledgeable music instructor in SLO, look no further!

Carrie Kimmel

I take bass lessons, My 6 year old niece takes uke lessons and my 56 year old Dad takes guitar lessons all with Scott at SLO Music Lessons!

It is nice to have found someone with patience and knowledge for all ages and levels.  Scott is so easy to communicate with.  He always greets us with a smile and has been generous with his ability to reschedule when a conflict arises.

The whole family recommends him to anyone interested in music and learning to play.  He has a true passion for what he does and it shows.

Jamie Ganster

Scott is a wonderful and talented teacher who treats children with care and respect😀

Natasha Dubrul

Talented and patient teacher.  Great resource for anyone looking to learn or improve their ability on any number of instruments.

Highly recommended!

James Horvath