SLO Music Lessons officially turned 2 years old in February 2018!

SLO Music Lessons was established in 2016 to provide high quality, interactive, personalized lessons for All Ages for Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, Mandolin, Piano, and Upright and Electric Bass.  Most students will see Scott on a weekly basis at a regularly reserved time, Monday – Friday.  Through weekly guidance and instruction in a laid back and comfortable studio, students learn to enhance their abilities at any level.  No contracts to sign, just promise to show up for your appointments!

Sign up by using the online schedule form, or just call 1-805-801-0753 to get started today!

Lesson Rates 2018:

Private Lessons

30 Minutes = $30 dollars

45 Minutes = $45 dollars

60 Minutes = $60 dollars

Group Lessons

30 Minutes = $15 dollars per student

60 Minutes = $30 dollars per student

*No contracts to sign, just promise to show up for your appointment!

I typically schedule an extra 5-15 minutes between sessions, and it’s common for me to give extra time to regular students.

Lessons work best when both the teacher and student take an active interest in the process!

My lessons are personalized and very customizable. Want to learn to read music? Great! Want to play by ear, fantastic! My favorite players tend to use both approaches!

I believe that practice should be fun, and directly applicable to your goals. I highly encourage my students to bring in musical material for the purposes of decoding and transcription.  Using the basics of music I can teach you to sound more like your favorite recordings, in the easiest way possible for you, at your level. My students who get the most out of lessons regularly bring in material to work through.

Once a week is a good place to start for music lessons, its the perfect amount of time to be able to digest and practice what you learned at the previous session.

With music lessons, and in life, you should always try your best.  If you don’t try your best, you’ll always wonder if you could have done better if you tried harder.  Also, don’t try harder than your best, putting in tons and tons of time but not really applying yourself to the important concepts, you’ll eventually burn out from over expending energy.  If you just do exactly your best, you’ll have no regrets!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do you have group classes I can sign up for?

A: Not at this time, for group lessons, you assemble the groups and decide what and how to play together.

Q: Do I need an instrument to get started?

A: While it’s highly reccomended to get an instrument so you can practice between lessons, you’re more than welcome to play one of the extra instruments in my studio, I have doubles of everything. If you want to play mandolin or banjo, I can actually loan or rent you one because I have several.

Q: What happens if I miss an appointment?

A: Nothing usually, if you want to reschedule or pay me for my time I sure appreciate it, but it’s not required. I’m the most lenient guy in town, just try not to make a habit of abusing my schedule.

Q: What styles of music do you specialize in?

A: Finger-style picking, various styles of Jazz, Classical, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Pop, Bluegrass, Violin Music, Chicken Pickin’ Country, Vocal arrangements. I am myself a bit of a mutt musically speaking, and I enjoy playing and teaching a wide range of styles.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Scott has been a wonderful, kind, and patient teacher for my son and his friends. They formed a little bluegrass band and Scott has, seemingly effortlessly, taught each one of them a different instrument and helped them to play together. His sweet spirit and gentle good humor create a safe and joyful environment in which to learn and grow. As a group of parents, we have been impressed by his talent and professionalism and amazed by his finesse in working with a very energetic group of young boys.

Anne Osbaldeston

Scott is a super music teacher! I was looking to add to my songwriting skills by learning some new techniques on guitar and Scott always had something new prepared to show me and he kept it fun. I had a great experience.

Amie Richie

Scott has show my kids how fun music can be. My son looks forward to his lessons and loves the excitement and passion that Scott demonstrates at every lesson. My daughter and I can’t wait until she starts her banjo lessons with Scott!

Kara Dostal

Talented and patient teacher. Great resource for anyone looking to learn or improve their ability on any number of instruments. Highly recommended!

James Horvath

Love, love, love the way Scott interacts with kids; he’s a total natural! They learn and have fun at the same time. He inspires them to want to play!

Paula Horvath

Scott Conroy

Scott Conroy

Owner / Operator / Nice Guy In-Chief

Scott Conroy is the sole owner / operator of SLO Music Lessons. Scott is a seasoned pro, both as a teacher of private and small group lessons and a multi-instrumentalist live performer. Scott is a San Luis Obispo native whose passions include live music performance and education, philosophy, communications, and technology. Scott is a dedicated teacher who will bend over backwards to help you achieve your goals.

Scott’s primary instrument growing up was Guitar, but he has branched out and is proficient on many stringed instruments, including Upright Bass, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Violin/Fiddle, and even piano

Scott is a vocalist; he enjoys singing songs, as well as blending vocal harmonies with others.  He has a penchant for colorful chords, and a sharp ear that can decode a song in the blink of an eye. Scott is a master arranger of musical charts, and he can help transcribe nearly anything you would want to play, in your preferred music notation format (ROTE, TAB, STANDARD, LEAD SHEET/CHORD CHART)

Scott is an active member of several SLO local bands, and you can read all about his musical projects and find out where he’s playing next on

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Why Choose SLO Music Lessons?



No Contracts

Reserve the same time each week, or sign up for one session at a time. Simple 24 Hour Minimum Cancellation Policy.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Personalized and Customizable Music Lessons tailored to the student’s abilities and goals.


Comfortable Open Studio With No Adjacent Practice Rooms

SLO Music Lessons has no adjacent practice rooms, providing an optimal distraction free learning environment for the student(s).

Easy To Pay For Lessons

SLO Music Lessons accepts Cash, Credit, or Apple/Android Pay.

(Venmo and Paypal coming soon!)

Photos from Inside The Studio


SLO Music Lessons is located across the street from Trader Joe’s and Food 4 Less grocery stores at

3946 Carissa Court, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401

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SLO Music Lessons has been officially licensed by the City of San Luis Obispo since February 2016.

Official San Luis Obispo City Seal
Official San Luis Obispo City Seal

Video Demonstrations


“Scooby Doo”


“Mr. Sandman”


“Battle of Evermore”


“Spotted Pony”


“I Wonder Where You Are Tonight”

Upright Bass

“Bluegrass Rhythm For Upright Bass”


“I Wonder Where You Are Tonight”

Upright Bass

“Bluegrass Rhythm For Upright Bass”

For more musical demonstrations visit the Videos page by clicking here!

Pricing Information

Weekly Lesson times can be reserved!

All other times offered on a first come first serve basis.

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